Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Importance of Graphic Design to Marketing and Advertising

The profession of a graphic designer is very interesting and creative. Primarily, a graphic designer conveys a specific idea with the help of words, photos, color and designs. A talented graphic designer conveys messages relating to a particular product to consumers in such a manner that they get prompted to patronize that product. That clearly tells us the significant role a graphic designer plays in the marketing and advertising of products made by manufacturers, and marketed by professionals. It is for the designers to demonstrate their creativity, making use of text and its style, coupled with colors and patterns to create provoking designs.
It is difficult to remain unnoticed of the role that designers play in today's world. You just can't miss seeing those large billboards at city malls, carrying ads of many products that you may already be using, and others which never fail to draw the attention of people passing-by. Here is an example to explain to you the association between designing and marketing or advertising. When being questioned about their favorite cold drink or airlines, what comes foremost in the minds of most people is the logo of that product or service provider.
Most people are able to recall the color and design of a logo. The logo creates the identity of your brand. If consumer is able to recall your logo, your designer has done a great job. The idea of fashioning a logo is to build up an image of a particular brand, which consumer can easily identify with, and if its recall value is high, it has fulfilled the purpose. That's how important the role of a designer is! The job of a designer includes designing stationery, pamphlets, visiting cards, invitation card and tabloids etc. The idea is to splash the brand and its logo wherever it matters.
The career options for a graphic designer are not restricted to designing only, as they can work in related fields too. A graphic designer may opt for a career in animation, typography, illustration and digital or web designing, to name a few. They are often employed in the advertising department of many organizations. A lot of companies hire the services of such professionals for designing the packaging of their products. Packaging needs to be informative and appealing to the eyes at the same time, especially when the product is planned for advertising on the Internet and any other visual media.

Designers should possess the capability and talent of effectively conveying the ideas with help of designs. They should be able to visualize the needs of their client. Skills for designing can be gained by joining a professional institute offering a formal course or training in this subject.
Though comparatively a new career in our times, graphic designing offers excellent employment opportunities in areas like branding, communication and marketing. Designing forms an almost essential part of these activities.